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Patch (0.10.5) & (0.11)

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Scav Boss

New Scav boss for Interchange: Killa. Strong “assault” type, will push on you. Has new armour (6B13), new helmet “Mask of one slit”. New stuff is lootable. Coming in 0.11. Probably will be on his own.

Other bosses will be coming, some will be teams, some will be lone wolf. Sniper boss and "sniper teams" at some point.

Next Version (0.10.5)

Next version 0.10.5: medical animations, flea market, mosin mods, MP7, “Rating System”. Seasonal based ranking system for current game mode “as a test”. Partial Wipe.


Partial. Wiping: stash, level, skills. Staying: Trader rep, weapon mastery.

Flea Market

Flea market with video. You can make an offer of any known item, you have to have examined an item to be able to ask for it on flea market. Mentioned “Handbook” when something is examined. More self trader reputation, more items you can offer. Offers can be placed, deleted, extended. Three types of search. Metrics will be available. Can send offers to friends. Can copy weapon configs and save them in handbook, can share these builds and buy quickly. Flea market will still be restricted to levels, you won’t be able to get end game gear at level 1. AI traders will be limited amounts. Works opposite way to auction house. You enter what you want and the price you are willing to pay, traders come along and fulfill those. Offers can be for money or barter.

Player to player trading will be in raid, you have to risk your stuff. i.e. there will not be a direct way to transfer items to a friend, it has to be through the markets or in-raid.

One day all interface will be removed, open world with trader hubs, you will have to take items from your hideout and sell it personally. Common stash a possibility. Traders will exist in locations and you will have to travel there. Initial version will be a lobby where you meet and talk to the traders.

Flea market will influence prices on ALL traders. Economy will no longer be directly set by BSG.

“Mushroom farm problem” - i.e. items “grow” on locations, because they spawn in loot boxes. This will be changed too. Decrease in chance for items to spawn based on economy.

Auction house will be different, coming much later.

Next next version (0.11)

HK, clothing customisation, TerraGroup Labs, memory optimisations. MK16. new Melee weapons, two handers. SVD. Compass. No wipe. Interchange Scav Boss.

TerraGroup Labs

Will be in 0.11 “for sure”. New mechanics. Coded doors, keycard doors. Energy system: switching on lights and generators. New types of exits; blast doors, sound alarm. Once tested these new mechanics will spread to other maps.

Four times the size of factory. 10-11 PMCs, new types of scavs; “scav raiders”. Typical scavs with 3-4 sized tactical teams. Like counter-terrorism teams. These guys “helped to start all the chaos in this city”. Ex-PMCs also, a joint team. There will be no “regular” scavs.

Will be a secret location you will need to find in the open world, secret doors and secret keys. For testing it will be available like normal.

Advanced medications

Overdosing, diminishing returns, side effects, adaptation/tolerance, not in 0.10.5. Effects will not apply instantly.

New gear

New ACOG, Mosin stock (magazine fed), MGL grenade launcher, lets, see photos! Cheap thermal scope, R10K, 8x8 pixel resolution.

MP7 will have 4 types of ammo, HP, AP, Tracer, “4th type is pretty special, will ruin armours”. Not much mods yet; one stock, 2 magazines, 2 variants.

Ranking System

Ranking won’t be just K/D or XP. Might include longest shot, richest, most average money per raid, etc. All tests. Ranking will not be in the game, just on the website. More stats on the site.


Planned for 0.11, not guaranteed.


Planned for 0.11. Tarkov players are “smarter, more confident and typically older” so VOIP will self-regulate. You can still use external comms. “If some guy running around saying stupid things, shoot it, teabag it maybe”. VOIP mute hotkey will exist.

Increasing randomness

More randomisation of PoIs, e.g. there will be three marked rooms on customs, they will randomise, you will need to search them all.

New types of exit, flares.

Event system, cultists will only spawn at night, they have their own marked circles/shrines.

Area triggers scav squads that will hunt you down, mortar strikes, minefields.

EFT Battle Simulation

“Ultimate combat simulator in a hazardous environment”. “As much realistic as playable”

Unity 2018

Move real soon, “maybe this year”. Makes open world easier, texture streaming will reduce memory 3 or 4 times. Currently on DX11, “don’t use instancing”, working towards it and will give more FPS and less stutter.

Big task, last migration took 3-4 months. They have a test build working in Unity 2018.


Open Beta will include swapping armour plates in vests, customising chest rigs. Nikita wants it to come as soon as possible.

Cosmetic kits will be tied to faction, so identification of faction should be easier. (e.g. trousers)

Some will be modelled on special forces stuff.


Plans to improve vertical positioning audio. There is a simple tweak to Interchange, floors are too thin, you should not be able to hear between floors. High chance this year of better vertical audio.


Arena coming, “will be a big part of the game”, “will attract a lot of new players”, “competitive style gamers”. Arena “early next year”, after hideout. Arena will be fully ranked.


Trade kills will always happen, some might be related to network, planning on improvements. EFT simulates the bullet fully, so once it’s left the gun it will keep travelling no matter if the shooter dies.

Scope misalignment fix has been found.

Multiple grenade launchers ready. Limited amount (e.g. 5000) given to NPC traders, price will rise and self-balance. Ammo will be expensive and hard to find.

Manual bolting “as soon as possible”.

Recoil will be increased slightly at every major patch.

Obrez might be pistol slot.

Right now “impossible” to add new voice lines.

Matchmaking will be tuned to make matches more full. Currently matches cannot be empty, will not start without at least one other player.

Night time will have cultists, with shrines and good loot. Night time missions. Less dynamic events at night, e.g. less mortars and scav raids.

New location shown: “I will not say anything”.

New map called “reserve base”, a military base with fortifications, top secret backup warehouses. This place will be where stationary weapons, maybe mortar operators.

RE Anti-Cheat “Everything under control right now”.

.45 ACP after 0.11. 1911 and Vector.

Cultists will sneak up on you and kill you with a knife

Playing as Scav boss after 0.11.

“Tagged and cursed” in offline mode means everyone on the map will know where you are and converge on your location.

“Graphical overhaul” coming, screenshots at end of year

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