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    About time and all! Bloody cars!
  2. Minecraft and Garrys Mod!
  3. As suggested by the title, which platform do you play? Be it PC, PS4 and even Xbox One, tell us down below your favourite and why! We plan on hosting Division 2 only nights soon where a group of us (Up to 4) come together as one and squad up against the many factions the game has to offer to us!
  4. As suggested by the title of this topic what would you like to see implemented into the server? Perhaps an Economy system? Whacky mods? New vehicles? Even something crazy like a custom map! Let us know down below!
  5. Hello all! So the testing phase of our DayZ Server has started! We will be looking for Beta testers in the near future to help us worm out the bugs and any problems that may occur! Each month we will be recruiting up to 10 Beta testers for the server. By participating you will be issued with in game weaponry (Of which you can keep even after server wipes) as well as a forum title (Beta Tester) and of course a direct contact for the devs of the server (For reference myself and @Lenny) Any queries questions or general concerns please comment below, thanks! Regards DayZ SA Server Dev Team **Any other unrelated queries feel free to either PM myself or use our built in support ticket function, thanks!**
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